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Beaches in Greece

This is a project for Assignment 4 of Web Scripting and Content Creation (University of Hertfordshire)
The project is based on the idea that people will upload photos and reviews of various beaches in Greece.

This project consists of 7 main pages :
  • The Home page
  • The Beaches page
  • The Events page
  • The Contests page
  • The About page
  • The Profile page
  • The Rss feed page

The Home page

The Home page consists of a small description of the project, an animated banner which displays randomly:
  • The most visited beaches
  • The most commented
  • The most liked
  • Highest Rated
  • Recent additions
A chart displaying site activity, a pie chart for user activity and a brief role explanation. On the right side there
can be found a weather widget from Accuweather, the most voted album, the best sandcastle and some useful links for someone who wants to travel to Greece.

The Beaches page

The list page consists of a ListView showing brief information about the beaches displaying the name, the region, location, a thumbnail, total views, who and when added. The thumbnail links to more details about the selected beach. The user can also search the beach database either by name or region or sort the listview by rating, views, likes, comments or if a beach has a blue flag.
A tag cloud displays all the tags that beaches have (most popular = bigger text size)

The Details page

The details page shows more information about a specific beach including the description of a beach, the user's review, the user's rating and a larger picture. A user can add this page his guide, add it as favourite or like it.
Users can add a comment or reply to a comment, tag the beach or add an activity, bar or hotel.

The Events page

User can add an event. They can choose from a list from all activities offered on all beaches and then select a beach where the event will took place. Users can join one or more events.

The Albums page

Users can add one or more albums with either 4 or 8 pictures depending on their role. All users can vote an album.

The Contests page

Here various contests will be added. At the moment there is a sandcastle contest where users can upload one sandcastle and vote for their favourite sandcastle. Users can delete their sandcastle and upload a new entry if they want.

The About page

The about page displays information about the University, the tutor and the student.

The Rss feed page

This rss feed includes the name, the description of each page, the average rating and a link to the details page of each beach.

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